Teaching Web 2015

The Teaching Web 14.12 (2015): Trigger warnings??

Friends, there’s significant buzz in higher education today about how, when, or whether we should provide so-called “trigger warnings” to students who resist or refuse when it comes to dealing with readings, research, or other assignments that they find objectionable or uncomfortable, threats to their received knowledge and values. I have had to confront the issue myself, even–or sometimes especially–in honors classes. Here are some resources:

Also, plenty of Faculty Development sites have resources on the subject of dealing with difficult issues in the classroom:

The Teaching Web 14.11 (2015): Take a SIP from the Well

Friends, are you looking for quick, interesting tips on teaching and learning? “Take a SIP from the Well” at this useful site:


The Teaching Web 14.10 (2015): Student media projects

Friends, are you looking for interesting, creative alternatives for student projects you can use to assess learning and allow students the freedom of using multiple forms of media? Check out these adaptable ideas and let your teaching imagination fly:


The Teaching Web 14.9 (2015): Teaching perspectives inventory

Friends, I believe in the value of critical reflection in improving teaching, and this free online inventory is an interesting tool for exploring our values and practices as teachers. Take a look and see if it helps you better understand your teaching self.


The Teaching Web 14.8 (2015): Teaching Tips app.

Friends, I sent this as an email earlier, but I want to add it to our Teaching Web archive.

Those of you keen on apps. and interested in receiving short, daily teaching tips should check out this resource:



The Teaching Web 14.7 (2015): Plagiarism revisited

Friends: here is a very provocative, evidence-based piece about the perennial anxiety-producing issue of plagiarism. It’s worth a careful read.



The Teaching Web 14.6 (2015): Have you “flipped” yet?

Friends: first, I apologize for not keeping up with our “Teaching Web” tips since early spring semester. Family circumstances on top of regular obligations got the best of me. Forgive my silence.

Have you explored various ways of “flipping” your class yet? Here are some quick resources:

flippedlearning.org (at this site, you’ll also find a link to a community of practice at flippedclassroom.org)


The Teaching Web 14.1 (2015): Pedagogical Repository

Friends: We all benefit from a handy repository of pedagogical tips and models, especially for the challenges of online teaching and learning. Here is a collection of resources from Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository: